They Key of Making a Bioclimatic Green Home

bioclimatic architecture

Aware of the impact that many of our actions have on the planet, in the world of the architecture has emerged a new current that aims to build in a way more ecological and less aggressive with the environment. They are ecological, very different houses each other, but with some points in common, as we are the experts at

1. energy efficiency
In an ecological House, much less energy is consumed best. One of the keys of the bioclimatic construction is the insulation of homes, allowing you to save lots of energy to heat or cool the House.

2. renewable energy
That our House consumes less energy and it is quite an achievement, but if you also got that used energy sources are renewable, better. A classic is installing solar panels on the rooftops and take advantage of the energy generated to, for example, to heat the water.

3. natural materials
Natural clay, wood, recycled materials from old buildings… important thing is not only what you build, but with what we build it.

4. adapt to the space
An ecological House can not be invasive with the space that surrounds it. In addition it must take into account aspects as the orientation, which will help there is more light and reduce energy consumption.

As we see, ecological houses mainly focus on how to build, but when talking about aesthetics… each one chooses his appearance! From authentic mansions to small and comfortable houses prefabricated… T

here are so many types of green as of architects House! Although here, as well they told us fairy tales, which always makes them special is on the inside.